The Social Experiment - Dinner With Strangers

House Rules

Get a drink or two, no more. Save some for the table

Take a seat

Match your password to the code on the table.

Talk of ideas, politics and world peace. Don’t ponder about the weather

If you’re the one to be a cancelled stamp or not – pick some questions from the centre piece.

Enjoy each course. Wait for the surprise in between

Stay in touch. No time is a good time to say good bye.



A Social Experiment at The Old House

Who’s who today?

Subject, observer or a catalyst?

A surrealist concept where you can choose to be or be to choose between the three

Enjoy the grub or chitter – chatter (A cocktail of the two would be even better)

Time true walls are perfect to encase

A journey of stranger to known. 

A speakeasy themed dinner with strangers held in collaboration with The Interactive and The Corner Courtyard


ART + EXperiment
30 july, 2015  |  UNDISCLOSED LOCATION

EVENt Conceptualisation by The Space at 9/2, The Interactive & The Corner Courtyard





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