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Set Design & Styling - Photography

'A Brief Encounter' by Skip

Somewhere over the rainbow, a paradise made for you and I
Where port and wine are one and the same
And music slithers, like dust on a hot summer day
Now you lay away, like a distant dream
Maybe it is real, an illusion or time standing still
Blurring the lines between art and life
Something between a synchronised synapse and a momentary lapse of judgement -
Let’s dream of moments like these

photography - arka patra

Aparajita Awards - Brand Identity Development

A celebration of fine talent and uniqueness, embodied by the women of today, Aparajita is an awards programme initiated by Sanmarg Hindi Daily. The key was highlight the Devnagri script as a modern design form with smart and bold usage of the colour red, the brands' key identity since its inception. The use of the Devnagri ‘A’ was done to increase the recollection value of the brand name, accented with virtues they seek for in a nominee. This was further used as a brand extension in other digital and print collaterals. To match the complete modern outlook for the communications, we decided to do a photo shoot for the nominees. This would be used in digital, print and on - site collaterals. A clean and crisp look tied the modern use of text and Devnagri type.


Styling & Direction - Photography

photo story for sneha arora's spring summer 2018 collection - escape
photography - arka patra
muse - ciara may burbridge
make up - zainab ashraf


Styling & Direction - The Protagonist

The Protagonist uses the camera as a medium and the theatre as a stage, to capture everyday routine, true emotions and the human anatomy - responses to the camera is reality and not something concocted in front of a screen. It aims to collapse the distance between art and life; life becomes art and art becomes a channel to portray the everyday humdrum of life.The canvas is distilled down to garments that quietly uphold an uncomplicated sense of androgynous elegance. The lines are inspired by classic silhouettes, creating a harmonious balance between form and material. Fabrics vary from peppery merinos (put in an Indian context) with and weighted and fluid Khadi.

photo story for Maku Textiles - Autumn - Winter 2017
photography - tito
muse(S) - shaireen butt, ciara may burbridge, diti saha, tanushree
MAKE up - bhaskar


Styling & Direction - Photography

Duet - The Scarf Factory - Spring - Summer 2018
photography - neal bhaumik
muse - ritumainty mondal
Make up - zainab ashraf


Creative Direction & Content Development: Concept Exhibit

The Constant at Living Free celebrates five years of the eco - luxe spirit. The posts communicated the product as well as the sentiment and mood for each brand. The posters were designed to portray sustainable and ethical production techniques, allowing the consumer to make informed decisions while purchasing a product. 

Media Design with Grapevine Media
Poster Design with Hitesha Bajoria



Art Direction & Styling: Photography

The sari as a garment has evolved through time and in it’s way maintained it’s beauty over these centuries. From a plain loin cloth to the addition of apetticoat and cummerbund to the inclusion of the short jacket or blouson — the sari has never ever felt so complete — for experimentation, interpretation and revival. 

PHOTOGRAPHER: anupam sarkar
muse: karuna ezara parikh
draping assistance: rakhi chhajer


Art Direction & Styling: Photography

Skip: a conclusive collection of international trends accumulated together for a short period of time - only for the conscious.
Capturing the lightness and temporal nature of spring. The photos reflect the mood of weightlessness and impermanency that ultimately feed into the brand image. The clothing is free from the rigidity (and price points) of couture lending a certain air of freedom to the collection as well as for the buyer. 

PHOTOGRAPHER: dIPtanshu Chakravarty
model: baishali pradhan


Art Direction & Conceptualisation: Exhibits

The Sunset Collective
More than a marketplace for design, it balances aesthetic with progressive cultural programming via exciting collaborations with artistic companies and individuals. 


Art Direction & Styling: Photography

What's Next at The India Story: A Compilation Of Modern Indian Aesthetic & Thought
A photoshoot communicating fashion that is fluid through time, wearability, gender and purpose. 

Photographer: Arka patra
models: baishali pradhan / joan rai


Art Direction & Conceptualisation: Exhibits

All Access: Chroma Wild
A collective that celebrates colour in its natural, untamed self through expressive fashion and creative products - digital media, on - site merchandising.


Art Direction & Styling: Photography

Rooted / Wellness for Living Free

yogini mRINalika bhanjdeo
make up by zainab ashraf



Art Direction & Styling: Photography

Spring / Summer '16 for Pallavi Singhee

Photography by Ronak Gadhia
Make up by Zainab Ashraf
Models: Diti Saha & Bibriti Chatterjee