The Space At 9/2

A studio focusing on conceptual events, space design, and photography. We are passionate about making something beautiful. 

sneha arora spring summer 2019

— Sartorial Nonchalance — 

styling, direction & set design

For every time you’d want to walk past the past; with your head held high and eyes gazing into your diamond studded future

For the days that feel more complete than others; when the air sits perfectly on your nose bridge and the sun finds its glow on your cheek;

For the times when those days seem more distant than ever before

sneha arora spring summer 2019
photography by arka patra
hair & make up by danielle jones
muse: shristie budhia

The Past

An archive of our past events, exhibitions and collaborations we have hosted in the past. 

The Collaborations

Creative ventures and associations with a whole lot of interesting, quirky, and creative people.